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Who I am?


I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2011, and have since then chosen lifestyle as the primary solution to manage my blood sugar.

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Steinar Larsen
Type 1 diabetic
IT´s your life

Ready to own it?

One of the biggest insights I have had was when I realized it wasn´t up to others to heal me.

It is only I who can do that.

Doctors, therapists or coaches are there to help, but if I don´t put in the effort myself I nothing will happen.

It might be scary to take on all the responsibility yourself, but trust me when I say that it also opens up the world of wonderful possibilities.

A more healthy and happy life being one of them.

In Gratitude,

My 4 principles

The Diabetes Thrivestyle

On my journey I have experienced that there are 4 fundamental principles
that make up a lifestyle that optimizes my blood sugar and makes me thrive.

This is the Diabetes Thrivestyle:





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