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It had been weeks with interrupted sleep. Every night I would wake up with extreme cramps in my legs. I stretched hoping it would relieve it. It didn´t help.

Finally, I got myself to the doctor to figure out what was wrong. Waiting for the result I was wondering what sort of vitamin or mineral I might be missing. Surely, it couldn´t be anything major.

Then came the call from my doctor. And it changed my world completely.

The blood tests didn´t leave much room for other interpretations. I had type 1 diabetes.

And yet again I had been diagnosed with a disease that I thought only some unlucky few got. I say “yet again” because 5 years earlier I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and I thought my “bad luck” was over at that point. I was wrong.

Sitting in the hospital bed with my new diagnosis I was frustrated. I thought I lived a healthy life – so why did these life-threatening diseases keep coming?

My engineering mind was inspired to act. I had to find solutions.

This lead me to a journey of self-discovery. Changing my diet. Modifying the way I move my body. Learning the power of thoughts. And discovering how our energy and emotions can change our state of being.

And the journey so far has been profound. In my 9 years with type 1 diabetes, I lived 6 years managing my blood sugar using only my lifestyle principles – no insulin. Today, I am using 20 units of long-lasting insulin and rarely get any highs or lows. I believe I have found a solution that works.

Using my 4 lifestyle principles, I have not only made managing my diabetes simple, but also made thriving with diabetes my daily reality – including the intention to potentially reverse it.

And I am now passionate about helping you to thrive using these very same principles.

So welcome to my journey. Welcome to looking at diabetes through the lens of possibilities.

In Gratitude,

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